Ch. Classic Tough Enough  X  Ch. Chezdoral Lalique Krystaal 

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           Ch Callimont's Chosen Disciple               Ch Chez Doral Grand Slam ll

           I acquired this AWESOME Champion from Kandyland Poodles!

                        Ch. Pita-P The Kandyman Can (Sammy - A)
                                          (Ch. Foxmore Stetson X Ch. Carilyn's Vanessa)

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Champion Callimont's Chosen Disciple (black) Click for picture and pedigree

Champion Laurelbury McGarrity (black) Click for picture and pedigree

Champion Callimont's The Magnificent (black) Click for picture and pedigree

Champion Chez Doral Grand Slam II (black) Click for picture and pedigree

Ch. Southampton Dynamic Dynamo (brown) Click for picture and pedigree

Champion Laurelbury Looks Good (black) Click for pedigree

Champion Classic Tough Enough (white) Click for picture and pedigree

Champion Dalin Caution Man At Work (black) Click for picture and pedigree (SOLD)

Champion Sharbelle-Reggie Roark Magic (black) Click for picture and pedigree

   Now the Girls!

Champion Carilyn Elk Creek Bobi Jo (black) Click for picture and pedigree

Champion Southampton Rising Star (black) Click for picture and pedigree

Champion Chez Doral Lalique Krystaal (white) Click for picture and pedigree

Champion Chez Doral Wish Upon A Star (white) Click for picture and pedigree

Champion Laurelbury At Bloomingdales (black) Click for picture and Pedigree

                 Ch. Callimont's The Magnificent  X  Carilyn's Callimont Eternal

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    AM / INT CH Pita-P

   The Kandyman Can (BLK)


      To Serve

CH. Forever Swallowed

By A Whale

Forever Nailed To 

The Cross

CH Trademark Forever

Chosen Disciple

  Click On Photos For Pedigrees

 "Disciple"                                           "Slammer"

  My Top


                                                                        Click on Photos For Pedigrees

    Sire: Champion Dalin Caution - Man at Work X Classic Callimont Practical

                        Thanks to Geri Arnold, this bitch is now a champion!

 Champion Callimont TLC's-Rock Steady CGC         Ch Callimont's Chariot of Fire

                San-Gai Callimont's High Test  X  Champion Carilyn Elk Creek Bobi Jo

      Two Awesome Champions ~ And Full Brothers!

              Callimont's I Will Testify                 Callimont's Prodigal Son of DeRo 

I purchased this AWESOME little guy "Chippy"

from Barbara Derogatis of DeRO'S Poodles. His pedigree goes back to my top producer Slammer!

        Ch Chez Doral Grand Slam II  X  Callimont's Undeniable Truth

This Bitch Acquired Two Majors!

                           Callimont DeRo's Ebony Star

                CH Newmont All About Brown (A)

Valcopy San Gai All About Me x Yerbrier Ginger Peachy

  I am the proud owner of these two beautiful Champions!

                                     CH Excell I Mariot (Blk - A)

                             CH Southhampton Image of Noah At Kays X Kays'n Belstar Allure Royale

                                  CH Excell Itsa Girl Thing (Wh - B)

                                    CH Synergy's Leader Of The Pack X Excell Manilla Du Bonka Abba

This Awesome Champion is now part of Callimont Poodles!

AM CH Pamper's Little Napoleon

        Click Here For Nappi's Pedigree

Congratulations to my friend Barbara DeRogatis of New York on her winning with this beautiful Callimont girl. They have several points towards her title and the fun continues. This pretty little girl is sired by our Champion Callimont's The MagnificentClick Here to visit Barbara's GREAT Web Site!

          Callimont's "The Prophet"                   Callimont's Keep Your Promise

           He won Winners Dog, Best of Winners, & Best of Opposite!                                                          She's Been Winning Points!

            Boys First  -  All Champion Males are DNA Registered

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Champion Callimont's Limited Edition

Callimont Poodles Produced the # 2 AKC Toy Poodle in the United States in 2002 !

 Ch Dbara Forever Delighted

        Royal Delilah


          Callimonts Walk Into



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         Excell Liddy Lou


Ch Foxmore Fameena

CH Foxmore

Jazzy Jackson

Ch Foxmore 

Lyn-Del Luwanda

Lalique & Tuffy's Daughter, Champion Callimont's Limited Edition (Claire), was the Number Two                                  AKC Toy Poodle in the United States in 2002!!!

                                          Produced by Callimont Poodles !