Q. Do you ship?

A. Yes, I do ship.  I ship out of Pittsburgh, PA to U.S. destinations only. Click Here for more shipping info.

Q. How much does cost to ship?

A. The current average cost is roughly $300.00 per dog.

Q. What is your payment policy ?

A. Click Here for answer.

Q. What colors do you have?

A. I specialize in Black, White, and Chocolate

Q. Do you guarantee your dogs?

A. Yes!  I guarantee health & genetics in writing.

Click Here to view my guarantee & contract.

Q. What size are your dogs?

A. All of my dogs are bred to be Toys. Some do go oversize however, and occasionally I do get a tea cup.

Q. Are your dogs AKC registered?

A. Yes, all of my dogs are registered through the American Kennel Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my current dog accept our new puppy with open paws?

A. To be honest, not all the time. Your current dog at first will probably get jealous and not want another dog invading it's territory. Give it time...they will more than likely end up being BFF's, but it's important to monitor the situation to make sure a fight doesn't break out until you're certain everything is copesetic.

Q. How do you feel about saving money on dog food and giving table scraps?

A. Toy poodles can be delicate and proper nutrition is VERY important, Feeding your new puppy cheap dog food can cause underdevelpment. I recommend the following dog foods: Royal Canin, Blue Buffalo, and Chicken Soup for the Soul brand. Call me or e-mail me if you're not sure. Also, table scraps are not recommended and will cause begging at the table. In turn, your puppy will get spoiled and end up not eating it's nutritional dog food.