Callimont Poodles Payment Policy & Shipping Info

(1) Sorry, No personal checks accepted. I accept cash, postal money orders, and wire transfers only.

(2) When shipping, all dogs along with expenses, must be paid in full before I will ship. I use Delta & United (Usually Delta). Please keep in mind that due to new Federal Regulations that went into effect on 11/18/13, I am no longer allowed to ship a dog sight unseen when used for pet purposes. Call me if you have any questions on this matter.

(3) Buyer is responsible for the following when shipped: (a) Payment of dog in full (b) Vet check, (c) Cost of cage, (d) Airfare, & (e) $50.00 travel fee to Pittsburgh Airport.

(4) There is a non-refundable $200.00 deposit to hold a puppy before it is ready to go. I cannot hold a puppy without this deposit. Should you change your mind and no longer want the puppy, I do not refund this deposit for the following reason: I have a lot of interest in my puppies upon the arrival of new litters. When I receive a deposit, I then inform all interested parties that the puppy is sold. It's not fair to me to fully refund your deposit, then have to start over. So when you send your deposit, please make sure you are certain.

(5) I will be happy to drive & meet you halfway (up to 3 hours) at a 3rd location agreed upon to deliver your new puppy. The fee for this is 50 cents a mile (subject to change - determined by gas prices). At that time, a contract must be signed, & the remaining payment rendered in full in the form of cash, or a postal money order. Without payment in full, I will not relinquish the dog. 

(6) So, in summary, you have 4 options for acquiring your puppy:

     * Drive to my location in PA to pick up your puppy

     * Fly to the Pittsburgh Airport & I'll meet you there ($50.00 fee)

     * Have your puppy shipped to an airport near you

     * Meet me @ a 3rd location @ 50 cents a mile