Callimont Poodles Guarantee & Contract

* 72 Hour Guarantee  I, Arlene A. Feeney, owner and proprietor of Callimont Poodles, hereby guarantee your dog for 72 hours against any birth defect or diseases. With a signed statement from a licensed veterinarian, you will be entitled to a full refund or dog replacement within this 72-hour period. Although your dog has been wormed, this guarantee does not include any variety of worms which may be found, or any physical damage incurred.

* One Year Genetics Replacement   After 72 hours and up until one year from date of purchase, Callimont Poodles will replace, but not refund your dog if a genetics defect is discovered. A signed statement from a licensed veterinarian is required for documentation. The genetically defective dog must be returned to Callimont Poodles in order to receive your replacement.

                               Date of Sale _________ Time of Sale_________ Amt of Sale___________

                                   Registration Papers___________ Color__________ Sex___________


                                            Date Whelped___________ Worming Dates _____________


                                                 Shot Record_________________________________


                                                         Sire: ______________ Dam: ______________


                                       Buyers Name & Address __________________________________




Signature of Buyer_____________________________________________

Signature of buyer confirms acceptance of above information & terms of guarantee, and also that this dog was not purchased (1) sight unseen if purchased as a pet, or (2), is being used for breeding or show purposes only. Buyer also agrees to make sure the dog is well cared for with proper food & vet care, and provided an indoor environment.


Signature of Seller_____________________________________________

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